Sunday, 12 October 2014


I was invited by to take part in their #CosmopolitanChic challenge. Set within the bright lights of Vegas, I am extremely enthusiastic about this styling challenge, since the party season is just around the corner, I can well and truly indulge myself in my fashion dreams with the concept of a day  and night in Vegas (I've set my sights high). The Cosmopolitan provides an extravagant and eclectic lifestyle throughout the day and night, so the point is that we don't really want to be wasting time rummaging through our suitcase... 

With that in mind I wanted to focus my styling around one item 'The Leather Pant' (sourced from J-Brand) being a sucker for clean line fabrics I am well and truly smitten over this staple piece. With every outfit, I like to select one key piece to build from, with the skinny leather trouser making this task an easy one.

For daytime I have sourced pieces to create an outfit that has a boyish flare, with feminine touches. Layering a sheer shirt with a plunge lace bra screams sexual liberation without being intrusive, plus that contrast of a floaty fabric with the hard leather, is a match made in heaven. To accentuate your legs I have chosen a chunky boot with a 'rock' edge, as to not completely eradicate that leather feeling. So far this outfit is made up of black on black, which makes a great base to add this sandy oversized jacket, a bohemian midnight blue fedora and structured satchel to create layers upon layers of goodness. I also think that silver jewellery emphasises a casual daytime affair contributing to an effortless beauty and confidence that this outfit speaks.

A day at The Cosmopolitan, Vegas

When thinking about Vegas, I conjure up themed images inspired from all walks of life, so in ode to all things Vegas, I drew inspiration from, (where else, but) the Orient. I wanted something sultry and exotic, so thinking contemporary 'Memoirs of A Geisha' I have carried the Leather pant over into the night with a luxurious plunge neck cami top with an open back, adding a solid gold choker to draw attention to the elegance of the neck and an upper arm cuff as to not neglect the importance of your arms. I think gold is the perfect colour when accessorising for night time, it just has a more opulent appearance. Now for the oriental elements... I was just knocked down by sheer delight from these Charlotte Olympia China embellished wedge platforms (no explanation needed), and I couldn't of been more pleased to find this Fitzgerald dragon embellished clutch with tassel (dribbles). To finish this look off I would don these M.A.C corner eyelashes to accentuate the length of my eye with of course, the signature liquid liner flick. To carry through that exotic red from your head to your toes, this sumptuous red lipstick aptly named 'Love Bite' pulls the outfit together, with all body parts considered. 
A night at The Cosmopolitan Vegas

I would love to know if you have been to Vegas, if you would wear these outfits, or what you have or would wear yourself. Use the #CosmpolitanChic when posting.

Thank you for reading x

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