Friday, 3 October 2014

Corkers...Look at them Hawkers

Hawkers Co. is a sunglasses brand birthed from the brains of Moto GP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. And boy can you notice this in each design, each pair it styled with a polarised lens, and I've never really been big on polarised lenses... until now, they just seem to pack a lot more punch in an outfit this way, so thank you Hawkers for introducing me to a fashion I would of been too timid to don. 

They have taken inspiration from the ever so popular and timeless 'Ray-Ban, Wayfarer' as not to segregate either sex, so this style suits most '-oo-' [They're supposed to be sunglasses, just in case] They come in a variety of colours, and most colour-ways are in both the polarised and un-polarised lens, so it's extremely likely you will find one that tickles your eyeballs. Being in the mid-range pricing bracket they feel a very sturdy build, and with the logo and branding presented on both arms, they don't have the appearance of a market knock off Nigel [maybe, because they're not].  

Think that's enough chatter, let's get visual...

Style No.1 - Flamingo | Nebula One
Style No.3 - Carey | Daylight One

Thank you to Hawkers Co. for the hook up, and thanks to you for taking the time to check out my blog x

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