Saturday, 18 October 2014

a TOAST to Autumn

Whilst conjuring up dream outfits via polyvore, I was drawn like a moth to a flame to an item from Toast, I had heard of this brand in many passing conversations, but never took the time to explore it's wonders. So with an overwhelming urge to binge, after that small bite of the brand, I finally took myself over for the full slice. 

And my, my, my it is the ideal flavour for Autumn, providing an array of classic shaped knits and a divine spread of coats that appear with effortless style and charisma. This does of course come at an artisan price, with the cheapest knit starting at £99.00 which isn't within everyone's budget, mine included. However I am a strong preacher that price is irrelevant when it comes to a fashion items longevity, and these timeless shapes and fabrics are going to last a lifetime (if looked after). Personally, I am going to save my pennies in a Toast shaped bank, as I see it as more of an investment then a frivilous spend... which I am also a sucker for, but trying my hardest as I mature, to fill my wardrobe with items that I can pull out time and time again.  

Let's take a moment now to visually appreciate what I am jabbering on about...

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Image 1 - Roslyn Maxi Dress £145.00
Image 2 - Anna Tunic £135.00 | Rea Midi Skirt £149.00
Image 3 - Long Shearling Wrap Coat £1,295.00 | Erica Tunic £125.00 | Maia Skirt £115.00
Image 4 - Hanna Sweater £99.00 | Nille Trouser £145.00 
Image 5 - Elisabet Tunic £145.00
Image 6 - Amina Sweater £139.00 | Alina Skirt £175.00
Image 7 - Ioanna Coat £295.00

Please Note: That when buying a higher priced garment to always consider its fabrication, Toast knits are 100% wool, if you are paying a premium price for a synthetic fabric, it is in my opinion that it is not an item worth spending your money on.

Thank you for reading x

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  1. These are all so cute! We're not big fans of Autumn or Winter, but we do love our knits!

    M + K