Friday, 16 May 2014

Motel Rocks

So this post needs no witty title, because the brand name says it all :-) A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Motel Rocks Blogger event hosted in London, to preview their new collection, which I must say features many nifty little get-ups to rock out in. 

Before I lose myself in verbal chatter about the clothes, this event was a social delight, I finally met the beautiful Olivia Emily, hung out with high streets fashion finest Amy Valentine and of course Leanne Lim-Walker. Not only were there visual and social servings, but Motel also tended to our hearing and taxing senses with Live music and a happy serving of Malibu cocktails, fresh popcorn and candy floss. 

Ok, now onto the main course, the new collection, which in my opinion encapsulates that summer feeling and those 90s vibes (Although I'm still slightly 'Clueless' as to the fast turn around of this decades trend, but that's for another time). Motel has truly embraced all that is fabulous, and all that is everyone and anyone by featuring snazzy two-pieces, funky florals, and that much loved sunflower print, swimwear, feminine silhouettes , and what I like to call business prints with houndstooth and small box checks. To summarise Motels new collection showcases itself as a fun loving brand, full of youthful extravagance and versatility. 

The following polaroids document some of my favourite pieces... do you think I'm pulling them off? 
I specifically like this white square burn out midi skirt, it has a chic feminine story but wouldn't shy away from a bit of tom boy vamping.

Thank you to Motel for hosting such a lovely event, inviting me along to experience it and peep on all your lovely new garms, some of which are now online.

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Thank you for reading, and Happy weekending x

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