Thursday, 24 April 2014


We all know about the infamous LBD; that quintessential number, wardrobe must-have, fashion classic, the 'Little Black Dress'. I think it is safe to assume we all own one, or if you are like me, many! So you are all most probably wondering why I've dedicated a blog post to such a piece so late in the game...I have recently become a curious kitten about fashion staples that stay on-trend season upon season, and I thought that there was no better place to start then with the ALMIGHTY.

I have selected this delectable piece by SANDRO (Yes, I am aware it is not the most affordable, but I think when investing in a staple item it is important to look at the longevity of the piece you are buying) This number was found on the Selfridges website with the not so appealing price tag of £175.00. If I was to tot up all the LBD's I own in my wardrobe though I'm pretty sure they would top the cost of this. So here's where I am rectifying my Fashion mistakes... When investing in a Staple piece go for simplicity and versatility, this dress is just so dreamy because it is fitted but has a loose cropped layer, which in itself creates variables. Below you will see the beauty in all it's glory, and I think you will agree it is a real treat indeed, making it super easy for me to style in 4 different ways, and could I of continued if my love of cutting and pasting had not hindered.



1. Leatherette Tee BY Missguided | To be worn over the dress 2. Domino Check Jacket BY Jovonna (£70.00)  3. Classic 373 BY New Balance (£49.99) 4. Rucksack BY Baia Bags (£145.00) | Handmade and Made to your specifications


I really hope this post has inspired you to style your Little Black Dress in as many ways as possible, I'm certainly going to start thinking more carefully about the 'Staples' I buy, to ensure they can be worn throughout all the seasons, without looking tired.

(Disclosure | All items have been hand selected by myself and myself alone, ALL LINKS IN BOLD)
Thank you for reading x

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