Sunday, 6 April 2014

OOTD #10 | Minkpink Velvet

My first ever Minkpink number and it's a beaut aaaand, to top it all off it was on sale on and I thought dreams only occurred whilst you were dreaming tehe.

I could of paired this dress with the obvious, keeping it within the realms of the glamorous, but being me I felt I would stick on a pair of Converse for comfort and to add another casual element a distressed denim jacket and leather satchel. I also mixed it up a bit by tucking in the shoulder strap of the bag to create a structured clutch. With this outfit I really liked playing around with fabrics, the soft and figure hugging velvet with the harsh structure of denim. Although this outfit is very casual I wanted to keep it chic, and feel teaming it with a clutch would help emphasise the felinity of the dress, but being a satchel it would also be in keeping with the casualness of the jacket and footwear. I didn't go wild with the accessories as I liked the simplicity of the details of the outfit itself, but it doesn't have to shy away from the accessorised, it would still be a delight.

I absolutely adore this dress, it's extremely versatile and will be a perfect 'British' summer dress (I did appear to get a bit warm in the Thai sun) But as we know in England you always need to consider a cool breeze, so the velvet and turtle neck features are key. Although very form fitting this dress has a split at the centre back to make walking as easy as ever. I'm not sure if this dress it supposed to be as cropped as it is on me, however I am so pleased it is because it makes it that bit more versatile, if it was dragging on the floor it wouldn't be as willing to convert to the casual.

So I shall stop running on about how fabulous this item is and let you guys see for yourselves...

Dress - Minkpink A/W13
Denim Jacket - Topshop S/S13
Clutch - Zatchels A/W12
Sneakers - Converse

Photographic credits go to my love Bertie Buck.
Location - Thailand

Thank you for reading, hope you have a splendid weekend x


  1. looks so great! your body is so perfect for this dress! xx

  2. love your style & blog!