Monday, 14 April 2014

Baia Bags S/S - Dreams Do Come True

I appropriately titled this with the tag line "Dreams do come true" because Baia's Spring / Summer collection is just that... Each bag is made by hand in England by one truly talented lady who really is there to make your bag dreams come true. The designs are style classics, the finishing touches are chic and the quality; other-worldly. Each bag is made with you in mind, because your mind can literally be the one that makes it. 

I will get right down to the cookie, because these are indeed a treat... the new collection is themed around mouth watering pastel colours consisting of a delicious Lavendar, refreshing Teal, classically tasting Pinks, dreamy Blues and the ever so on trend crisp White, and for those of us who like to feast on Black, the collection features it in Leather, Faux Croc, and Suede. I don't think there is anything Baia hasn't thought of this season. And if they haven't thought of it, you better go tell them, because the cherry on top of all of this cake is that they are customisable, YOU choose the Colour, YOU choose the Lining, YOU choose the Style, YOU choose between white or black Leather strap and Silver or Gold Trimmings.  

And if none of this is really tickling your fancy, then I suggest you should purchase one simply because the Owner, come Designer, come Maker is an absolute dream herself. I have never met a nicer talent, who I truly believe deserves recognition and support just for being such a wonderful human being, and let's not forget the fact that she is indeed an Independent British Designer.

Having come into physical contact with each and every stylish specimen I only wish I could appropriately sound out the noises I would associate with the encounter, and hope I was a fitting accessory. But alas, I think I am finished verbally licking bottom... Let's get to the pictures, which will most likely do Baia more justice since Leanne Lim-Walker was the talent behind the image making.
You may wish to proceed with a hanky because these bags have been known to promote excess dribbling.

Photography - Leanne Lim-Walker

Now I know what you are all thinking... You modelled the collection so of course you would be one to rave, but please do not let that deceive you. I am one extremely fussy bag consumer and have never purchased a bag that I did not truly feel would benefit me and my wardrobe. I am an old fashioned lady when it comes to my handbags and believe in one true love... bags are the only thing I have never obsessively shopped for, I can not remember when I last searched for handbags in my internet history, and I'm pretty sure my computer would tell you the same. My collection, before Baia came into my life, consisted of a classic black vintage beauty and a timeless tan satchel by Zatchels, so it is to my surprise that I have joined the bag lady revolution and need to own more than a practical share of arm candy.

Thank you to Susy, Miss Baia Bags herself, and Leanne Lim-Walker for crafting each photo x


  1. you need to get signed by some rad modelling agency soon!