Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Under Wraps

This post is not for celebrating Valentine's day but an excuse for me to share my passion for a delightful  selection of bras. Basically, I'm not the best at discovering new brands of clothing, but I have a bit of a habit seeking out some darned good lingerie brands… and since it's Valentine's day, there is no better time to enhance your underwear collection, whether it be cliche for your pleasure or another's.

If you are like me, which in many ways I hope you are not, there is something about wearing a sensual looking bra and attractive pair of knickers (is it just me or does anyone else cringe at every word there is for your bottom underoos)  that just makes a girl feel good, for me it's like a little secret I have with myself whilst I'm out and about, that under my everyday clothes there is something delightful gently concealing my ladyhood.

To me the meaning of the word Lingerie is aesthetic focused, and the meaning of underwear focuses on practicality. So here is a selection of Lingerie brands that I can't resist repeatedly peeping at…

I will start with a British designer to keep to my roots. I actually purchased the Westminster brief several years ago, when I was feeling very flash with my cash, and they have to be the spiciest thing I own, however I will admit to you that I have only worn these a few times, but think the braces look super under a sheer blouse. As far as lingerie goes, Nicole De Carle has to be one of my most desirable brands. And hopefully these picks show you why.

Opal Balconette Bra (GBP147.00)

Is an Australian brand, and I am just head over heels for this bra, there isn't much I can say about it really as I feel it's one of those pieces that just speaks for itself. I will lightly suggest though that this is most probably more suitable for it's visuals then it's practicality, but that's what this post is all about. 

Fluer of England (AUD160.00)

Just across the waters in New Zealand this brand was consummated. I adore the delicacy of their designs, they have a structure but not in a pompous way, I am inclined to say they mimic the female form, structured but soft. Eventhough these examples are sheer they don't bare too much of a sexual nature, and simply emphasise femininity at it's best.

Cyd Softcup Bra (NZD85.00)
Lux Cutout Bra (NZD90.00)

For Love and Lemons
These examples strongly express sexuality but also the demure. They both work well as an accessory to any outfit, no one would be ashamed of showing these two beauties off. It has a confidence without being arrogant, an in your face approach but with delicacy. These pieces, I feel play with contradictions in a sexy and endearing way. This American born brand also designs clothing, which just makes them even better.

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies, and thank you for reading xxx

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