Friday, 28 February 2014

Selected Femme

Currently sat in Dubai airport killing 7 hours until my flight back to the UK... when it dawned on me I still have 3 more outfits from what I wore in thailand to post, and now is better then ever to reveal number one of the series of photos I roped the ole boyfriend into taking... so let's get into it.

Luckily for me Bertie is a bmxer who also takes pleasure in taking photos of the sport, however I did have to specifically ban any form of wide angle lens leading me to pair him with my 5D mkii dolled up with a 50mm lens. Again, another casual number, this Selected Femme sheer button up maxi dress makes the most amazing summer layer. I'm inclined to say it would look dreamy poking out underneath a longline leather gilet (Note to self: must purchase one) and with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's. For comfort I tucked my tootsies into my converse, and slipped on a little basic lbd number from Missguided. Something like this can be played around with for eons, it's such a versatile piece that has allowed me to wear it over and over without committing that age old fashion sin... 'wearing the same outfit twice' oh me oh my! 

I clearly am going to be featuring this necklace a million times because it's just awesome, and makes every outfit complete, nothing will ever look boring again with that around my giraffe neck... certainly beats a cleavage any day in my opinion, purely because it's removable and makes a delightful jingle sound when played with... which just tickles me so :\

And in true Thai fashion it seems, if you don't like the outfit the background provides a some what aesthetic appeal, I just think Thai writing is the most beautiful of all languages,but this could be me cheating at playing favourites. 

Sheer Maxi - Selected Femme
Bodycon Dress -
Necklace - Chiang Mai Market
Sneakers - Converse

Photography - Bertie Buck

Thank you for reading x

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