Sunday, 12 January 2014

OOTD #6 | Waterside

The simple phrase "Let's hit the beach" has quite heinous connotations in my after mind. I mean don't get me wrong, the initial thought, is great sunshine, tan, ocean swim… But then it dawns on me that to undergo these super fun activities, that when in childhood was otherworldly and fantastical, where so much enthusiasm would brew up inside of you, you would have to go and wee in the infinity salty bath, that I have to wear swimwear, oh no! 

On top of that stress of the amount of time you have to remove Winter's growth, you then have to worry about those usually insignificant lumps and bumps that are usually hidden underneath things I like to call clothes. However, hold your breathe and suck in… I have discovered this ancient invention called Shapewear… resume breathing :-) River Island decided to combine this amazing technology with a swimsuit and create, may I say, a very spicy and fashionable swimsuit, that on top of enhancing your 'fun bags'  where I appeared to have been left off that conveyor belt in the baby factory, it also sucks in your waist line which gives you those ambitious 1940s curves and is fashioned with a very flattering low rise brief, so tending to your… shall we say bloom, won't take as long as usual. And I must go on, because I always thought that swimsuits, unless they were those Brazilian style cut outs, were styled to fit those who had birthed 8 children and lived to see their Grandchildren (Unless you are bravely inclined to take swimming up as a sport). This swimsuit is built to make you still feel like a young stylish lady, with being conservative in the front and all party in the back (please do not mistake it for a mullet, that's as far as the similarities go :-). 

This is in no way an advert for this particular swimsuit or the brand, but I just feel like this is an incredible design and wanted to share it with those of you who may have also been living under my rock :-) Many other Highstreet brands have combined these 2 magnificent things together, if you simply type it into any search engine you'll find pages and pages of options. I personally found this number by having one too many free hours on my hands "productively" trawling the Asos website tehe.

Swimsuit -River Island
Kimono -


If you are one of those fortunate people who missed that class instilling the fear of God into you about wearing practically your briefs in public then apologies for the ramble.

Thank you for reading x


  1. Les photos sont tellement belles :0 ce shooting est magnifique !


    1. Thank you Carolin, if only I could read French, your blog looks incredible! and you are such a beauty