Friday, 24 January 2014

OOTD #8 | Urban Jungle

Excuse the horrid name, but this outfit is one of those that just says on the tin. I'm absolutely adoring these AA shorts, as you can most probably tell (next time they will be excluded from the line up, promise) they are just super comfy and really work my holiday moves. They make an especially good team with my Dr. Martens Leather rucksack, which is a travel 'must' in my imaginary style book… say no more to that off balanced achey shoulder (although I did over pack it a bit and it left some lovely symmetrical shoulder wounds behind, oops). 

Keeping the tradition alive I sported a simple look to keep it practical for those touristing days, adding a teeny dash of razzle with a few gold rings to help me keep track of my heat swollen sausage fingers. The open back Cheap Monday top is a Summer's dream, as it keeps you covered spicily but wards off that hot hot heat, especially with that rucksack all up on your backs business. If you fancy seeing this outfit in motion and my feet, it is part of my Holiday Lookbook that I just uploaded on Youtube :-) Over there this outfit is seasoned with a Fedora and Converse.

Top - Cheap Monday
Shorts - American Apparel
Leather Backpack - Dr.Martens
Chunky Band Rings -
Delicate Midi's and Thumb Ring - Shop Dixi

Thank you for reading x


  1. love the simplicity of the outfit! looks so great!

    1. Thanks Amy :D Love your blog, you are super pretty!