Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My 2013 | In Review

My Best and worst moments in 2013: No better place to start than the beginning… 
-Started the year off with a month in Thailand.
- Modelled for the talented Charlotte Rutherford photography.
- Went to see Alt-J and got to go backstage!
- Applied to be on The Face UK and made it through to the final 24 and first show :) 
- Started Youtube! 
- Bertie took me to La Rochelle for my birthday. 
- Rode a Motorbike by myself 
- Attempted to commit suicide for the second time.
- Finally admitted to myself that I was depressed and needed help.
- Had my first ever Bonfire on the beach! 
- My boyfriend and I split up
- Have the most incredible friends support me... Sarah, Leanne and Hanna
- Began counselling :)  
- Modelled for Baia Bags
- Attended the Opening of Dr.Martens Norwich event.
- Me and my boyfriend got back together… Yay!
- Had my Photography used by an Italian skateboarding company Atypical. 
- Attended the AX Paris event. 
- Booked to go to Thailand for 2 months and Australia for 1! 
- Reached 1,000 subbies on Youtube :D  
- Finally feel happy!  

I still have a long way to go, but all that has happened in 2013 good and bad, has made me a better person then I was, and has lead me on my way to accepting the real me, So bring on 2014 :) and I hope you enjoy the journey.
Thank you for reading and Happy New Year x

I will initially post 3 parts of a written series called 'My Experiences' with Part 1 addressing  my depression, Part 2 explaining my anxiety and finally Part 3, looking at my experiences with eating disorders. I no way intend to be able to fully evaluate each in one post, or try to sum up each as a simple overview, but to merely outline and pin point what I feel have most affected my everyday living, and led me to quite substantial events in my life, my and I being the operative words. By doing this I do not intend to be showered with sympathy, but to reach out to those who may be dealing with similar and feel alone, as loneliness is the worst affect of them all. 

Sorry for getting serious on you guys x


  1. Thanks for sharing. Seems like a big year for you last year. But I'm glad you've identified problems and had some really great experiences. Look forward to hearing more about your journey, I'm sure it will be an amazing year for you this year! :D x

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment :-) I hope this year is super splendid to you too x

  2. Looking forward to more post from you! Happy I came across you vlogs - you seem like an awesome person! Happy New Year!

    1. Awe yay! Thank you, I'm pleased you are enjoying my posts and videos so far. Happy New Year to you too :D