Monday, 23 December 2013

OOTD #4 | 'Temple'ment

Being fortunate enough to be at the genuine heart of Thai village life, every time I return I visit the village Temple, every time a new building is being built, emphasising is grandeur and support within the community. I feel it is such a wonderful concept and practice to come together as a group, to celebrate and devote a part of your life to improve a space that is not only for you but for your neighbours and those (Monks) who selflessly devote their living to the practice of Buddhism, to again not only bless themselves but every other. I find myself really appreciating and finding admiration in this. 

Although this is an outfit post, I would like to dedicate several images to the beauty and significance that the surrounding area holds and, physically is. When visiting a Buddhist Temple it is respectful practice to have your knees covered, and to generally not be dressed as though you are hunting down a kebab shop after a heavy nights drinking at 3am haha, just to point out the obvious.

Devoure Crop Top - Topshop
Skirt - Vila (
Necklace - Thai Market
Clutch Bag - Baia Bags

Photos of Me: Leanne Lim-Walker
Photos of Temple: Me

Before taking photos of in front of the Temple, we (my trusty mum) asked permission from the Head Monk :-) They were so friendly and welcoming, interested to learn about myself and Leanne, even cracking a joke, and a very witty one at that. 

My apologies for the post not being purely about the clothes, but to feed the mouth of fashion… This outfit can be styled for a Winter dinner, by adding some court heels with no platform, an oversized ankle-length blazer coat with cuffs rolled in a mink/caramel (to match the more neutral colours within the crop). 

Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays x

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