Sunday, 6 October 2013


Usually my working week involves a lot of sitting down, but this week I stood up for something incredible. I was lucky enough to be invited by Leanne Lim-Walker to hit up the Dr.Martens Norwich launch party, and may I say, it was so worth the time on my feet. 

I'll start the story with 50% off... Sorry did that grab your attention, it's not me offering you guys a discount code I'm afraid, it was merely a little added treat to the whole evening which is the only statement that need explain my purchases, however I will go on to explain more. 

I am a proud owner of Dr.Marten boots already... so how many pairs does a girl need, you may ask, if you were my mother! You can never have too many, they are such a classic, long lasting tread. I was however very constructive and instead of going for my original idea of the 1460 8 eyelet boot in Matte black as an alternative to my patent black, I went for the 2876 Chelsea boot, and boy oh boy do I love Dr Martens for making these babies! Not having any laces, I can now enjoy the comfort of a DM without the hassle of deciding how to do up the laces that day to best compliment my outfit; All the way up? 3rd eyelet down? Wrap excess lace around boot? Loose? Bow? No bow? Crikey, I'm sure you could come up with more ways, but then this would become a totally different post. Basically these boots are ideal, and here are some photos of my new loves to back me up, if words aren't enough...

Ha! got you again... did you think this was my only purchase? I just couldn't be that controlled and also treated myself to this incredible Leather rucksack, I have been on the prowl for such an item for years now, but nothing was pulling on my purse strings, until I laid my eyes on this sucker, it's gorgeous and practical, and couldn't of come at a better time then before my 3 month travels to thailand and Australia, so thank you Dr.Marten for yet again another smashing design! 

And to top it off for all of us shoe and photo crazy followers (try and hold the drool in) there was a Photo Booth for freeeee! A massive thank you to Miss Lele and Dr.Martens Norwich :-) And that's where I will end it, Hope you are having a splendid day.

Here's what me and Leanne managed to produce in all the excitement. 


  1. Ahh, so jelly, those boots are amazing! I'm glad I finally found your blog because at the AxParty I thought I recognized you but wasn't too sure! x

    1. :D Love your blog now trying to follow it, but I'm slightly inept at these things, hence why it has taken me this long to reply tehe. Thank you, did you enjoy the party? shame myself, Leanne and Helen had to leave early x