Friday, 21 June 2013

Youtube Me

I hear Video is the new photograph. So I thought I'd give Youtube a go. I edited the video spending hours cutting out all my incessant ramblings and once I had cut the 'bad' bits out I couldn't bring myself to watch the final outcome all the way through out of sheer embarrassment, but after I saw it had hit 100 views I was all 'oh me, oh my' maybe it's not so bad and gave it a full on peep... I know, 100 views, not very impressive compared to the crazy numbers the likes of 'popstars' and devoted, such as; Pixiwoo, Zoella and Tanya Burr etc. But, for a newbie who thinks she needs some form of social etiquette (conversation) training I was living the dream. And having watched the entire final cut, I came away feeling satisfied with my 13 minute 1 woman conversation mainly because it taught me so much about myself, so I will continue to sit under the Vlog tree looking up to those who do it as it should be done, as most probably more of a personal social experiment, and if it makes people laugh and tell them things they want to know absolute bonus.

My 'experiments' will be focused around fashion and beauty products, so if you are into that, give me a go :D

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