Wednesday, 12 June 2013

On Treads

Is everyone seeing more sneakers on female feet then pumps or heels these days, I'm not complaining trainers are the most foot friendly of all the shoes. But can you remember the days when you saw a smartly dressed woman in her gym shoes rushing on the tube to get to her ever so official job, where there, she will slip on her less comfortable shoes that according to previous fashion 'laws' unless you were the likes of Lily Allen or a Spice Girl, was the "correct" item to style your outfit, which left us thinking on her travels past us thinking those trainers really don't go.

How did these incredibly durable and practical (I mean when have you ever heard the word 'practical' when it comes to fashion trends?) treads come to be so... so... no other word for it other then that classic "cool"?

But really non of this really matters as I'm 100% on-board with this trend, and I'm pretty sure most of you are too. So I put together some of what I think are the best from popular brands: Converse, Puma, Nike, New Balance, Adidas, and the old literally school classic Hi-Tec.

Converse, where can you go wrong with these, I particularly like the white myself as I own a pair, white is just really versatile when it comes to styling, and not particularly out there if you prefer the subtle approach to fashion. Allstar OX Low

Puma, I've included these because I own a pair. Now Puma footwear has never really been sat at the top of the sport's fashion tree, but I think they have really got something with these 'Classics' you can get them in a selection of colours, and I've worn them so much, and they are no where near looking tired, like my converse, and are that bit more sporty. Classic Black Suede

New Balance, I had never heard of new balance before my friend Hanna introduced me to them several years ago (she was on this trend before it even dropped in the 'zines, a good pal to have). Pretty popular brand though, but this is a 'no shame' blog, so I had to admit my wrong goings. Their tag line is "Let's make excellent happen" and indeed they are excellent looking trainers. Windbreaker 574

Nike, the ever so popular trainer brand, and there are too many reasons why. They have a wide appeal across sports and Lifestyle, and now even their hardcore sports style is sweeping the streets, however, I'm showing the favourite Nike Air Max, purely because they are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and are available in Nike ID. But Nike in general is an all round pleaser for the die hards and dabblers. Nike Air Max 1 Hyperfuse Premium.

Hi-Tec, Yes these aren't necessarily on the top of the list, but I think it's a very underestimated brand especially when it comes to this trend, several high-street shops have bought out a range of trainers in store, but I sya if you want a more affordable trainer stick with people who have know what they are doing, Hi-Tec are the most affordable brand and even though, most probably unintentionally, their child bright gaudy style will rock this 90s sneakers trend. So give the underdog a chance. Luca
Adidas, It might just be my, but I really struggled with Adidas, I personally didn't take a shine to any of their trainers, apart from these, now I forgot about the word 'practical' when I chose to feature these, but hey, I can't resist clothes that put a smile on my face. Remember those slippers with animal heads (yes I still wish I owned a pair) well these by Jeremy Scott (was about to type Jeremy Kyle) collaboration with Adidas are just the sporty ticket to keep you smiling in comfort all day long. And   Cara Delevingne is a fan of theJeremy Scott Adidas collab, if that happens to tickle your fancies further.  Jeremy Scott Poodle

If any of these are making your feet feel itchy click on the trainer names after each commentary and off you go into the shoppers wonderland :D 

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