Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Not my first wish list

For every occassion there is an outfit or in this case a dress... I'm taking my boyfriend to dinner and a show, a Burlesque show to be precise (details on that to come) for his birthday, mainly because I've always wanted to go to one and maybe because I'm a pretty nifty girlfriend, But with all my funds tied up in that I can't actually afford the dress, having temptation at my fingertips and in front of my eyeballs I couldn't resist making myself a little wishlist; of what could be. I've selected a variety of styles because as time goes on you'll notice I appreciate a good garment in any shape or form and I'm rather fickle.

1. Let's start with good old fashioned Topshop. Now this one is a beauty, it's extremely elegant and feminine and has that vintage feel. I love the sheer sleeves, which make this, potentially frumpy outfit quite sexy (One bonus, which thank goodness Topshop caught on to, is that it's shot on a person, a real live human being, so as a customer you can consciously see the advantages and disadvantages to each item...just saying). As a smaller chested lady this shape is definitely flattering as the synched in waist gives the illusion of a bust, to bring your upper body into proportion with your lower body. This isn't something I would normally wear but since this is all in my dreams it get's an old fashioned check-out ding from me.

 2. This Selected Femme dress is something I would definitely don anytime of day and was going to treat myself to it and skip a lunch and dinner, but unfortunately asos didn't have my size in stock (maybe they didn't want me to go hungry) but this double layer with transparent sleeves and panel is divine and rather sensual, even though it is quite a casual design, I thought dressed up with heels and a statement neon embellished necklace this dress could be grander then a chandelier over a dinner table.

3. Aqua can be purchased from both their mother website or a selection can be found on Asos, currently Aqua is having a big 60% off sale and free shipping! So, my boyfriends birthday outing is most probably the single occasion that I could ever wear a dress like this, without looking arrogantly overdressed. I just cannot resist a side split, I don't like to show a lot of leg if I do they are normally wrapped up in some super tight high waisted jean (I'll come back to that at some point) but a sneaky bit of full side leg has got to be the sexiest leg around, in my eyes it's seductive and sultry, Being half-thai I just love anything slightly spicy and this is it in a dress. 

4. Finally All SaintsI haven't looked at their site for a few years as their styles became dated and repetitive, but in an act of curiosity I took a peak and was pleasantly surprised, (I never remember surprise having an 'r' after the u and before the p in it at school but that red line informs me otherwise, anyway onto more pressing matters) They have a wonderful collection for spring/summer 2013, I am deeply impressed by this little number, of course I wouldn't wear it nude like that I would have to add a layer underneath, I was thinking it could look incredible with a block colour dress underneath perhaps neon orange or a light grey if you are feeling more reserved. This transparent trend is really making a good impression on me, and I wouldn't be shy to layer over or under.

I hope you enjoyed my new born post, and please comment below if you think there are any improvements I could make, or anything that would be an ideal read for you from me.

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